Mystery Builders of Teotihuacan

Massive stone structures

Magestic ancient architecture

About fifty kilometres away from Mexico City,stands the ancient, vast city complex called Teotihuacan.

A city designed, seemingly, to reflect the planets of the solar system, their position in the heavens and in relation to the earth…

According to Goerge Cowgill, an archaeologist at the Arizona State University, there was no larger city in the entire western part of the world before the year 1400.

The question arises, as one studies the blocks of massive stone which comprise buildings such as the Temple of the Sun, can this massive, abandoned city really be so “young”?

Altars or what?

Street of the Dead, used by the Living?

Excavations have so far uncovered only an estimated 5 percent of this site’s above-ground area….

At sunrise, on the winter solstice, the city is aligned precisely with Mexico’s highest mountain, Orizaba ( also known as Citlaltepetl), which has an elevation of 5700 metres. The precision of this alignment is astounding, in that a point of observation for the sunrise, on a ridge that stands in the way, would have to be necessary!


In the electrical industry, Muscovite, a form of the mineral called Mica, is used as a principal element in capacitors.

These are ideal for high-frequency and radio wave applications. This material is highly heat-resistent, remaining stable up to a temperature of 500°C. It resists corona discharge, and is used in sectors of industry where electrical properties must be maintained at high heat levels. Sheet and ground insulation are some forms in which it may be used.

Raw mica sample

Mica as a dielectric

This material has excellent dielectric properties. This means it can be polarized by applying an electric field to it. However, it insulates against electrical discharge, unlike the current-flow-through properties of a conductor. The position of equilibrium in electric charges becomes slightly displaced, causing dielectric polarization. This causes the charge to be divided – positive charges pointing towards the field and the negative ones away from it. An internal field of charge results, reducing the contained field of the dielectric itself.

Dielectrical properties are sought when a material is required to store and dissipate electric and magnetic energy.

The properties of mica

Energy storing mineral


Mica, by virtue of its powerful insulation properties, can guard a room against radioactivity. What is it doing, in tons of insulating sheeting, in rooms of structures like those in Teotihuacan, which have been standing, perhaps, for thousands of years?


Teotihuacan has a remarkably modern design and layout. Its “Main Street”, the Street of the Dead, runs through the middle for miles, between some of the biggest structures ever built in the New World, if indeed they are so new!

Archaeologists have found that in order to build such a vast site, the builders needed extremely high-level knowledge of mathematics, architecture and astronomy.


Structural layout similarity

Board that looks like a city

Compare, if you will, the picture of a circuit “motherboard”, used as a base for all functions of an electronic device, with the layout structure of Teotihuacan! Keeping in mind, that insulation materials are used extensively on these boards, and switches, relays, condensers and other functional buildup structures are mounted on it, and electricity is relayed, condensed, processed, changed and made useful for such complex apparati as computers, fax machines, media devices, mechanical steerage systems and the like…

Using insulating materials very similar to muskovite!

A time to wonder, a place to imagine and speculate….
Tons and tons of massive stone…

And it’s a well-documented fact that the intricate molecular structure of porous rock can store electrons…

What gigantic electrical energy was stored and used here, and to what purpose? One question leads to another…the movement of celestial bodies in our whole universe, and their interconnected motion. Moons rotating around planets. Planets rotating around suns. Solar systems circling a central star like Sirius… And complex star systems being turned by the central forces of the galaxy.

Rotation hierarchy

Interconnected fields

And who knows under which system the galaxies themselves are rotating around a further central point!

Systems and fields

The bigger picture

All of these powerful electromagnetic fields appear to be connected.

Did our ancestors know of a way to focus and tap into this vast storehouse of energy? Were they able to focus the electrical and magnetic properties of this energy through the use of insulated spacial geometries?

How did they activate this flow, and at what frequencies were they able to tap into it? Which forms and materials would such “receivers” have consisted of?

Questions on top of questions….


In one form or another, all building structures of Teotihuacan are aligned with particular focal points of planet Earth’s own stored energy, be it a mountain, or another sacred site as far away as the pyramids of Gizeh in Egypt.
And with other sites in Meso- and South America like Yucatan, Chichen Itza, Machu Piccu, to name just a few…


This is what the word “Teotihuacan” translates to.
History records it as having been built between the first and seventh century AD.

The largest of its structures is:


What is known about this godlike figure?

The name “Quetzalcoatl” means “shimmering tail-feathered serpent”.
The depiction of this god is that of a rattlesnake, which body is covered with the feathers of the sacred “Quetzal” bird, and can be found in the olmeken city La Venta.

In Teotihuacan, a temple pyramid covered with reliefs of this figure, was named after him.

In the eyes of the Aztecs, Quetzalcoatl was seen as a bearded light-skinned man, probably this was derived from the toltecan king Ce Acatl, who received the name of the god as chief priest of this god. In many Aztecan codices, he is depicted as an abstract human form, wearing a star-shaped breastplate, symbolizing the “ever changing star”, the planet Venus…

The Toltecs regarded him as the God of the Wind, the Heavens, the Earth and as the Creator.

He also represented the ocean, and its vastness. He was worshipped and celebrated as the God of Nature in Teotihuacan, and he is seen as the Emperor of the Second Era of Mankind.


In the western section of the city, the third-largest building has its location.
The Temple of the Moon.
In the Nahuatl language it is called Tenan, the Mother Stone.
Its construction is dated prior to that of the Temple of the Sun.

At the bottom of this pyramid was an altar platform, where ceremonies in honor of the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan were performed.

She is regarded as the Goddess of Water and Earth, and thus, also of Fertility.
And all of Crestion, as its Mother.

Dance of creation

The mother of creation

Opposite this platform, the Plaza of the Moon is situated. In its centre is an altar, and a structure comprised of four divisions of rectangular shape and diagonal placement. This adds up to the form that is now called “the Cross of Teotihuacan”.

The Pyramid of the Moon is also the place at which the “Main Street” of Teotihuacan, the Avenue of the Dead, begins…..

There is much more to be said about this great Sacred Site and its other buildings such as the Temple of the Sun and the temples, stones and landmarks representing the planets of our solar system.

This will be covered in other articles at a later date, and remain one of many ongoing projects….


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  2. Therese, Thanks for sharing this informative website. I bookmarked for reference in my library. I also sent the link to someone I know will be interested.

    Is is possible to make the pictures a little bigger?

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      Thank you so much, Josephine!
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  3. Hi Therese,

    Ten years ago I visited this place, and am still very impressed with it. A certain atmosphere can be felt there. Rather a calm one, but also something else I don´t have words for.

    Reading about it now brings back fond memories. Plus I´ve learned a few new things. Like the insulation against radioactivity. This raises questions indeed.

    I´ll be back here to read about the other ancient places you´re listing. I love finding out more about how people lived back then, and how they went about things, and why so.

    Kind regards,

    • admin

      Thank you for your visit, Tessa!

      Amazing, isn’t it? At a time when nuclear science was unheard of…as far as we know!
      So much is shrouded in mystery, even the exact time of origin of these structures!
      I hope that new excavations will bring more definate evidence of the true motives behind these building measures, to light……..

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