Earth power blueprint

Sacred fairy mound

Svraid, the maid of honor, carefully dressed herself in the early morning hours of the day, preceeding the winter solstice.

Around the stone structures of the circular dwellings in the village, surrounding what is now called the Irish Fairy Mound, or Newgrange.

The preparation for the solstice ceremony, combined with the trance ritual for entering the filigrane, but powerful world of Oenghus, the God of Love, would take place at high noon of the sun’s lowest zenith, today.

Innocence blooms

Virgin white

A frock of the finest linen, in brilliant white, would be the only garment she’d be wearing to the ceremony, then she was the virgin representative of mother nature, entering the world of super-consciousness, to meet the bridegroom, the fully developed being, who was the embodiement of the sun, and the powers beyond it…

She peeked out of the dwelling’s opening, to make sure the coast was clear…
And made a dash across the center path of the village, so as not to be seen…
A small hill, a stream, then the ascent up the second hill, to a gigantic, low and flat structure, a brilliant, rounded white wall loomed up before her.

She approached a dark, square opening, and tiptoed inside.
Her racing heart began to calm itself.
Farther inwards.
She needed the practice.

And the preparation, all alone, unsupported. An act between a human woman and a multidimensional God.
An act of fusion of the spirit, and a melting together with the heart and soul of creation itself.

Svraid made her way through the passageway, deeper into the darkness.
Her inward focus enabled instincts to take control of her body, making her steps secure and directed.

Light to dark refocus

Focus into darkness

As the darkness seemed to widen, she felt her way into its midst carefully and sat down on a stone floor that was strangely warm, being that there was no physical sense of heat in the dark space.

The silence was deep and void.

Svraid knew that she had to relax into it, beyond the point of isolation, beyond the sudden coldness she felt in her arms and legs.

She felt as though she were falling, but sideways, like through a rushing wind.

An almost imperceptible tone, like that of a large iron bell being brushed gently…

And a shadowed, dark, wine-red glimmer, if you focussed on it, it would disappear…
And a thinned-out warmth after all, so fragile, if she moved, it would be gone.

Out of her concentrated middle, she began to un-focus. Her perceptive emotional field began to fill out the four-leaf clover form of the large space around her. She could feel the room’s walls as if they were her own skin.
And the pulse of her heart filled out the whole space, a rhythmic expansion and contraction…

She felt suddenly centered again, although so vastly widened – a lattice of crossed lines seemed to flow through her, marking her existence in time…

The pulse grew stronger, and slower. She felt drawn by an ancient harmony of pulse, so very slow, as though it were coming from the masses of rock substance around her.

Suddenly, she WAS that massive measure of rock around her. She could smell the soil above it, feel the pressing motion of tree roots, the thin, seeking fingers of plant and grass roots, making their way through their organic womb –

Deep roots

Feel the depth

A soft tremble could now be felt, joining with the pulsation.
An expectancy.
A tentative start, building up, towards a crescendo. A monument in motion, reaching towards joy.

Some power outside the structure was causing this. A fullness of openness, deep peace and the light, electric fingers of an ethereal ecstasy. The swiftness of this lightening power was so far-reaching that it seemed to blend completely with the slowness of Earth’s pulse.

A ray of energy

If the light could be seen

Svraid recognized, deeply within herself, the power of the sun.
Its high-frequency rays, before the first rays of visible light, more than an hour before sunrise…the only arrows of light, invisible light, that were actually able to penetrate the earth, causing a powerful explosion of life from the inside, but dilated in time, because these rays are much faster than the speed of light…..

The TRUE source of life, as Svraid knew…the spirit that penetrates all of Earth’s matter, long before the actual sunrise on Winter Solstice Day.

The energy essence that the female adept of this Neolithic culture was required to seek and to absorb, at one with the earth’s absorption of it…

When the actual sunrise came, with the slower, visible light, it only witnessed and materialized a contact that had already been made.

And when that same Sun’s rays sought their way into the brilliant green mound with the sparkling white border to illuminate the clover of nature’s four focal winds, it fulfilled the performance of an act, which had already been prepared and created before the dawn of the preceeding day…


Mound preserved

Newgrange today

This great monument of megalithic culture is dated at approximately 3200 BC, and is actually an earth mound with architectural features, combining building prowess with natural topographic integration.

The shape of the mound resembles a human kidney. Its size is about one acre in square area. 97 kerbstones are arranged around it, many of which contain megalithic art carvings. There is a passage leading inwards, towards the very center of the structure, where a cruciform chamber can be found. A corbelled roof covers this space. The approach passage measures a length of 19 metres.

Newgrange doesn’t need to reveal itself long to a visitor, before the usual question arises: How was it built, how long did that take, and how large would the required work team have needed to be?

According to present knowledge, even with today’s technical capabilities, it would have taken a contingent of 300 men a minimum of 20 years to build it!


When the sun arises at the winter solstice, the most predominantly awesome effect this site is known for, happens…

A thick shaft of the sun’s light makes its way through the rectangular roof entrance, just above the larger entryway, lighting up the entire passageway, and illuminates the chamber at the center. This incredible display of brightness lasts 17 minutes at dawn of this day. Several mornings before and after as well!


…or, Fairy Mounds, is what such megalithic earth hills are called in Irish mythology. And who was the chief dweller of this great home of multidimensional beings? None other than the God of Love, Oenghus!

The true facade of Newgrange was one of brilliant white quartz stone, and it has been restored that way, luckily this mineral substance is prevalent in the area…

The Fairy Mounds Form

Form of Newgrange

UNESCO officially classified Newgrange as a World Heritage Site. An estimated 200 000 people visit Newgrange every year, although the exact number is not referenced here.

The Passage Tomb, as the chamber in the center is called, cannot be accessed individually. A guided tour can be joined however, starting at Brue na Boinne Visitor Centre in the vicinity of Donore Village in the County of Meath.


The most predominant symbol of the megalithic culture of Ireland is the triple spiral. Although it has been credited to the Celts, it was carved in stone structures of the site a minimum of 2500 years before the first Celt set foot upon Ireland!

The image of the triple spiral on the entrance stone is more than three times larger than its fellow carvings in the chamber itself…

The entire proximity of the site includes more than one chamber tomb, however, many standing stones, enclosures and henges.
This site is known to have existed before the Egyptian Pyramids were built!
Some even date it as early as 3500 BC…


Without an intricate knowledge of astronomy, science and some form of technology, the building out of Newgrange would be unimaginable.

Its alignment to star constellations and other sites in the world exclude the possibility that it was erected simply for its own accord. But the most compelling evidence of this exists in the “Passage Grave”, described above…

Astronomy known

Aligned Newgrange

Newgrange, like so many ancient sites, has weathered over the centuries.

The first person in modern history to discover it was the landowner Charles Campbell, in the late 1600’s, as he was having a heap of stones removed from his property…..

Oxford University’s Edward Lhuyd made accurate notes and drawings of the site for the first time in 1699.
The diameter of the mound is approximately 80 metres, the surrounding cairn covers an area of about one half hectare. Its approximate weight is 200 000 tons.

Stones, rolled by water, from the banks of the Boyne River make up the retaining wall. The round granite pieces appear to be from the Carlingford and the Mourne areas.
Quartz veins running through the County of Wicklow supplied much of that shining, white material surface as well.

There is no known sacred site on the planet that shares the unique flat, rounded build of this mound, and its mysteries can only ever be entirely preserved in the realm of legend and dreams…..

Rugged beauty green island

The mystery that is Ireland


  1. Sherry Faires

    Therese, I enjoyed your website so much! It is so informative, yet written so well that it puts you right there at the location! It’s obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into making it. Lots of people will learn from your love of these sacred sites. Keep up the great work!!

    • admin

      Thank you so much, Sherry!

      It’s the inspiration of a “felt” history that moves me to write, and the ensuing combination with the factual, the open question, leaving room for an interpretation based on possibility and cultural legend….

      I am so pleased that it is finding resonance…..


  2. Therese, your writing is so beautiful that I could envision all that she was going through!

    I’m bookmarking your site so I can read more later.


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      Thank you for your kind words, Shan!

      The pleasure of discovering the feel of ancient secrets motivates me and sparks my imagination, and a sprinkling of attempted hypothesis is often irresistable!

      Thanks for your visit!

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