About Me


I’m Therese Roth from Langenthal in Switzerland, and it has been my passion for thirty years ongoing, to study and learn all I can about ancient cultures and archaeology.

So much is not known about the builders of places like Machu Piccu , the Great Pyramid of Gizeh or Teotihuacan, just to name a few….

With this site I can fully delve into my passion for these great open questions, and provide information and insights, yes, even mind-boggling speculations about the origins of these places, whereby it will be my self-imposed task to raise the level of such speculation to that of hypothesis.

It is my intent to provide my readers and visitors with a valuable and educational experience that is not limited to the hard, factual “Roman” way of thinking, but dares to cross the boundaries leading to creative contemplation and imagination….

I wish you much pleasure and satisfying of sparked interest as you browse through this site, perhaps even validation of your ability for an expanded outlook on this earth’s documented, probable and possible history!